Things Women Do To Themselves That Men Absolutely Hate


We all love women, yes we do! They’re tender, delicate, warm and all things good, but there are some things women do that the devil himself cannot withstand.


Sometimes we just need a quite moment to reminisce and reflect. We don’t need to talk constantly . Heaps of females are known to yap for days about peculiar, often unintelligent topics. Garrulity combined with unimportant energy and snickering can be such a genuine bore. Many men prefer meaningful discussions instead.


Why are women obsessed with playing FBI on their men? We need personal space and no, you’re not entitled to have full access to our emails, messages, private chats et cetera! Excessive espionage broods mistrust in a relationship and must be avoided.


 A little jealousy in a relationship is great. Keeps the tension up and pushes comfort away..Overdoing it, however, can lead to massive heartbreaks, in most cases. Envy indicates frailty, a tremendous vibe killer in any relationship. An envious lady depicts an unsteady individual who feels inadequate, powerless and needs self-assurance.
Jealous girlfriends tend to overthink, over analyse situations and thus end up forming often incorrect conclusions about their partners. They end up accusing them of cheating, even when that is not the case.


Who said we need to do everything together constantly? Who said you need to leave your companions and be with me all throughout the entire year? This isn’t a parent-kid relationship and I don’t need to do everything for you. Figure out how to do stuff for yourself some of the time. Go out, invest energy with your loved ones, and don’t excessively rely on upon your guy for bliss.

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It’s not my wish to hurt your feelings here, but rather speak the truth. We do not like it when you use too much make up on your faces. In fact, men love it when their women go natural! Make up should only serve to enhance your natural beauty, not change it.

My friend Vincent Chase aka Adrian Grenier (ENTOURAGE) said, “less is more. Definitely. You don’t want to overdo it. If you don’t exude beauty from within, no amount of makeup will be able to cover that up.” Got it?

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