VERY HOT: 8 Nigerian celebs that may just be living a very FAKE LIFE like Dammy Krane – #5 is Dammy’s mentor

Celebs living a fake life: Dammy Krane’s arrest in Miami for an alleged credit card theft and fraud has raised a question on the seemingly rich lifestyle displayed by Nigerian celebrities on their social media accounts. An American private jet service company, TapJets have reportedly set to pursue the course of justice for Dammy Krane’s crime of booking a jet using a stolen credit card.

Nigerians are more curious than ever on the assumed wealthy lifestyle of Nigerian celebrities especially the singers who boast of crazy account balances, expensive diamond crusted jewelries, wads of thousand of dollar bills on the bed/bag, and of course, a private jet selfie to complement their story of success. Here is a list of singers who have shared photos of their private jet lifestyle to evoke feelings of want in their fans. And who knows, maybe they aren’t as financially buoyant as they make their fans think. Remember Sinzu? remember in the year 2013, he was arrested for a credit card scam, which was filmed by a CCTV in Atlanta. Remember Oge Okoye (The dog drama)? Remember Special ED (Davido’s hype man, who was arrested for fraud in 2011 and then there is Godwon, who burgled into another person’s apartment and stole valuable goods? This is just to name a few.


The singer is of course first on the list. His alleged booking of a private jet with stolen credit card started the whole controversy.



  1. Una father wen dem neva arrest dammy una no knw say na fake life im don dey live all the while e neva pass 6x days wen dem arrest am una rush compile list

  2. They’re just hungry ppl who publish nonsense in other to get attention and make a living..
    PS.. When saying this kinda trash, they should never involve wizkid.. Fuck paparazzi

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